I love getting my hair colored by Patty. When she colors my hair, she spends the time to get it looking just right, not just get me in and out so she can get to the next client.

Holly Cromack, Richardson TX

Patty truly takes great effort to do exactly what you want done to your hairstyle. I get countless positive comments on mine and am often asked "who does your hair?"

Gaylene Markley
Richardson, TX

Patty does a great job on my hair! There are times when I need 5 weeks between appointments. When I know in advance, Patty cuts my hair a little bit differently so it will look good for the whole 5 weeks. This is just one reason I keep coming back because I know Patty will do what is required to keep me looking my best.

Bronis deSupinski
Dallas TX

Patty is a hair care expert. She stays up to date on the latest color and hair trends. She is a master at creating custom color shades or highlights just for you. Patty is a haircare professional that works with her clients to offer styling tips and advice that are unique to you. Regardless of how hetic my schedule is, Patty always finds time to help me look my best. You owe it to yourself to set-up a visit with Patty.

Very pleased client,

Janis Ferrier

I have been a customer of Patty's for about 3 years. She is so patient, she works with me until she gets my hair just the way I want it. I can bring in a picture from a magazine and she can duplicate it perfectly! I will never trust my hair to anyone else again. And her prices are reasonable too and she is just an all around nice person - she offers the complete package. Not only am I her customer for life but I am now her friend for life, too!

Dallas, TX

Patty has been cutting my hair for about three years. It is always consistent and professional. I highly recommend her.

Dennis Wade
Richardson, Texas

Salon Services For Professionals,
By Professionals

We would be pleased to have you as a client!

A no-risk consultation is a good place for us to begin. Here are some of the things we will be checking and discussing together at your complimentary consultation (a $60 value):
  • hair condition and situation
  • hair length
  • previous color treatments
  • see if your hair style and lifestyle match
  • desired maintenance level
  • environmental factors
  • determine if your hair style is best for your face
  • select a style and color which makes you look fantastic!
  • meet and get to know each other a little...
... and once we're all done we will both know about your hair and what you want from it, and what to do next to make you ecstatic about your hair.

Also, we can take the color formula from your previous stylist as a starting point! :)
So go ahead and fill-out the info below, and I'll call you to schedule your consultation and give you directions. Talk soon!

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